Sunday, June 12, 2011

Three Saint's Day

Today is an important day in the Russian Orthodox Church.  It is the feast day of three major saints Peter, Michael and Nicholas, pictures of the three of whom are carried in people's cars quite frequently, somewhat similar to St Christopher's medals, I think.

At any rate we had shashlik to celebrate. Roman found a new Georgian marinade recipe on the internet. He put 5 lbs of pork chunks to soak yesterday.  He is our chef, when it comes to wood fired BBQ cooking.  The shashlik was awesome.

Andrei and Tanya were invited but went to Krivii Rih instead but did drop Masha off.  Volodya and Valya from P'yatikhatki came over, so we had six adults and lots of meat and veggies.  I made a Cinnamon Coffee Cake for desert and along with strawberries and ice cream, we all ate too much of everything.  A good day.

Done to perfection

I can't get the colour right.  These roses are dark red with almost black stripes

Ma, he's making eyes at me.

Masha and her Uncle Roman get along well.


  1. Eat well + play well = good life!

  2. Roman looks good! And Masha is getting so big. Say hi to them all. I miss them!

    Oh, yeah... and you too, Pops.


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