Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lilies of the Field

Tanya and Lena have been working in the garden since 5:00 pm, though I think Tanya was out by 3:30 in the heat.  It was well over 30C today.  Gallons of cherries, more strawberries (help, please, take some) and pouring the water to the cucumbers which will be pickle size this week.  We put up 3 litres of peas into the freezer two days ago.  Tanya picks, we shell and I blanch.

Tanya has lilies blooming from spring till fall. Whites, reds, pale reds and yellows now, fancier ones earlier this year and I have no idea what is next but there are several about to bloom.  Who knew lilies were for other than Easter?  These are for Mel who loves lilies.

I threw in a picture of the dogs for my daughters who likely prefer dogs to flowers.

Bobik and Volk on a hot day
These lilies are about 12' high.  We had never seen such short lilies before.

These lilies are over 5' tall.  Crazy.

Tanya says the dark red ones are for me.  Actually it is redheads I like.


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