Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The English Cowpath

My brother Stan who featured prominently in yesterday's blog post about the machine shed on our farm has finally started his own blog -  The English Cowpath.

My brother has two literary hobbies.  One is the origins and movements of people, especially as traced by mDNA and Y chromosomes (The Seven Daughters of Eve).  The other is the origin and evolution of words, words themselves and wordsmithing, which his new blog indulges. 

Check it out, please. And add yourself as a follower if you enjoy the use and abuse of the English language..

Oh, yes, his third hobby is photography and he is no slouch at that either.


  1. Clearly talent runs through the whole family.

  2. So does diarrhea (and humor in one form or another).
    Thanks for the plug, big brother!

  3. And our only sister, Evelyn, teaches a speed reading course that she developed. After teaching her course to over 5,000 people since 1992, she has now completed a home study kit available from her website.


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