Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Better. Home and Garden.

Hot.  +30 every day.  No rain for at least 6 weeks.  Tanya is up early to water flower gardens and the kitchen garden.  The whole town must be watering tonight as there is no pressure.  Since the auxiliary pump blew up and flooded the passage way to the outbuilding, we have not got it hooked back up to augment the water pressure.

The flowers are doing well as they get the most care.  The peonies are done though elsewhere in town there are still some blooming.  The roses are going full blast.  There is one white rose bush that the flowers are huge but die off quickly.  We found under each flower a shiny blue-green-black bug about the size of a half-dime.  New to us. Rose pictures tomorrow.

Tanya has been digging up and cleaning off bulbs from certain lilies, tulips, crocuses and hyacinths.  They will be stored for the summer and replanted this fall.  There are boxes full of them, all neat, clean and labelled.  When we were in Kyiv, she found a number of bulbs of colours or varieties she didn't have  so came home with a few dozen more.

The red climbing roses on the left will get their own support structure next year which will allow them to gow up and over the sidewalk along the outbuilding.  They will eventually look like Lucia's roses next door (inset).

The front garden, with all sorts of flowers - several types of lilies, a beautiful blue Clematus  that is growing great guns and several of these white bells.  There is only one plant with blue bells.  Tanya had anticipated alternating white and blue but it didn't turn out that way.

We have a hammock strung between two huge apple trees.  It needs tightening I think as it sags something fierce when Tanya gets into it.  I am not even going to try.  Masha likes it. she is off school since June 1 and  comes to see us every few days.

This is along side our kitchen garden.  three sour cherries that I planted there two years ago - they were volunteer just outside our fence; and an apricot tree.  All look like they will have some fruit this year. The black strip is to keep the weeds from the vacant lot from polluting our garden.

Our kitchen garden from the back looking towards our yard.  the empty looking area is all vines - cucs, watermelon etc.  Then beans, peas, onions, early cucs.

The other half of the garden.  The tomato patch is closest to the fence.  200 plants but only 12" - 18" between them.  they do not grow and produce like I am used to even in dry old Saskatchewan.  Tanya waters them every two days.


  1. Very nice. I envy you your sunny weather, but going so long without rain must be a trial. My region has been quite the opposite. Cold, wet weather is relenting very slowly and grudgingly, slipping back in every few days. I ache for a good, long hot spell.

  2. Sorry but we've been busy stealing your rain. But seeing as how we have too much we'll be glad to send some your way. I have no idea of what to plant this year or even if I'll try. As SW said it's been cool and wet here with few days of sun.

  3. Nicely tended gardens. Very nice.

    We seem to be entering a dry spell here after 6 weeks of rain. Air Quality alert today and the weather guy says we may actually approach 90'F.

  4. Everywhere this year is either too wet or too dry. No happy mediums. Glad you like the gardens. She puts a lot of work plus her heart and soul into them.


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