Thursday, June 9, 2011

Машенька и три медведя

Mashenka (Maria, Masha)and the three bears is the Russian name for that old children's favourite Goldilocks and the three bears.  I am certain that the story originated in Russia, given their longstanding relationship with bears and the dishes of porridge or Kasha are certainly very Russian.

I had posted this video on Facebook a few weeks back.  It is the best laugh watching that poor struggling news anchor trying desperately to finish reading the item.  The visuals (imagined) just crack her up.

When MayB was little we had a version of The Three Bears, possibly a Little Golden Book, which I used to read to her. Good thing she was little or it could have really warped her.  I mean it had adult content.  I quote:

"Once upon a time there were three bears.  They lived in a house in the woods. Papa Bear pounded nails in the roof. Mama Bear watered the flowers in the yard. Baby Bear did tricks on the lawn".

I would carefully explain to MayB that I did not know who Trix was and since she was never mentioned again in the book, she was obviously just a passing fancy.  But I mean, can you imagine exposing little children to that sort of thing?  Terrible.


  1. I can imagine you reading that type of story, but watch out when you put the words "exposing" and "little children" in one sentence.

  2. lol, her laughter was catchy and i had a good time watching her. The story is true, i heard it on the news a while ago. Thanks for the fun, the 3 bears story also was too funny!

  3. People wonder why I am warped.


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