Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Agro 2011 - Seeding and tillage

As RB pointed out, it is easy to take teh boy from the farm but hard to take the farm from the boy.  I know I have a few rural or rural at heart readers so these pictures are for them.  Just a few more pictures folks and then on with the show. The next two Agro-2011 will be more interesting.  Promise.

The tillage equipment was mostly disks and cultivators.  Only one plow that I saw. I hate plows, having seen what they do to the soil.  Don't like disks much either.  Same reason.  Turns the trash under instead of leaving it on top to hold moisture and control weeds.  Seeding equipment ranged from the ancient to the ultra modern.  There was an end-wheel press drill that was much like the ones used on state and collective farms for decades.  And modern air seeders with complex multi openers and all sorts of electronic controls and monitors.

My grandfather used a similar model with steel wheels in the 1920's.

Crop duster. 

Corn planter for the small farmer


  1. I liked the airplane - a tail dragger - wow!
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. There are still a few of them left in the world. don't know enough about planes to know the benefits one way or another of tricycle gear vs tail dragger.

  3. Nice photos, Blog Fodder. After so many years of seeing from your part of the world film and photos of military parades with tanks, missiles, etc., passing in review, fighters and bombers streaking overhead, it's good to see brightly painted, modern farm equipment, fine animals and baked goods instead.

    Back in the 1960's, the USSR was fairly heavily dependent on food imports, even in fairly good years. I've lost track since, but hope that's rarely necessary any more. With so much land, fewer young men and women in the military and industry producing what looks to be very capable agricultural equipment, the likelihood of being self-sustaining or an exporter would seem to be good.

  4. SW, your comments are worth a blog of their own. Shortly. You raise some interesting points.

  5. Ooh, the plane tail is so pretty!


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