Thursday, November 19, 2009

...and then the fight began

Wife: Whenever I am down in the dumps I buy a new outfit.
Husband: I wondered where you got them.

This month has been a bit stressful for a number of reasons.  We have stayed close to home, conserving our cash.  The weather has been cool and damp; while it has not rained much it never warms up enough to dry things up either.  Fall is mouse season as they move indoors for the winter.  There was one in the drawer under the stove, which was the last straw.  It was mouse hunting time.

We stopped at the local garden shop and Tanya went in to buy mouse bait.  A five minute chore if ever there was one.  Thirty minutes later she comes out with a new house plant.  One she had never seen before so couldn't resist.  It is called Crossandra Fortuna and is just lovely.  I found these two pictures on Wikipedia and Flickr as it will be a while before ours is this big.

For $5, it is a pretty cheap pick-me-up for my wife. I promised to keep her in roses. House plants are even better.

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