Saturday, November 21, 2009

Clean Bee and the Drone

E'er dark tonight, the house will be spotless.  Tanya went into clean mode yesterday and attacked the kitchen.  Our mouse infestation may have had something to do with it.  The kickboards came off and under the counters thoroughly cleaned and the mouse bait returned.  Nibbles on one package indicated some success.  All the drawers came out and contents cleaned and returned, sorted and organized.

Today Katya came to help finish the rest of the house, arriving about 9:00 and the two of them have been hard at it ever since.  Other than a bit of fetch and carry, cleaning the junk off my desk and making lunch for the ladies, I am uninvolved in the process.  Well, I did go to town for cash and to buy some bread and water.  The water has turned muddy again, indicating repairs somewhere down the line so we use bottled water for cooking and tea until it clears up again.

Last night, Tanya made compote.  She boiled up apricots and strawberries from the freezer and fresh apples in enough water to make a drinkable juice.  Nice red, needs sugar but otherwise very good.  Katya was working upstairs and it was warm so Tanya said to bring her a glass of compote.

We have this cheap Cherry liqueur, $1.50 per half litre.  Tastes like sweet Cherry Kool-Aid with 20% pure alcohol added.  Definitely "end of the party" stuff.  I poured Katya a tall glass of compote and added a generous dollop of this cherry hootch for good measure.  She drank half the glass, pronounced it excellent and then backed off when her face flushed red.  I had to explain to Tanya what I had done and was instructed "not to help" anymore.


  1. I really need Tanya and Katya to visit me. Soon. Please? :)

    (And send some of that cheap cherry liqueur too!)

  2. Me too, please? Actually, if you send enough of the cheap cherry liqueur, I won't care if my house ever gets cleaned!

  3. Forget the cherry liqueur. I bought it out of price curiousity. It is crap which is why I try to disguise it for guests only. May-B says if we could smuggle container loads into Canada we could do well selling them to her clients. More healthy than aftershave too.


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