Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tanya Grows Up

These are a selection of pictures from Tanya's childhood to the time she first came to Canada in 2000 with the other top students from the 1999 CUBFD program.

Tanya at 1 Year.  Soooo cute!!

Tanya at 4 years, in Kindergarten which is what they call daycare/playschool.

Tanya at 11 years, 1969

Tanya at 12 years with her three room-mates and two friends.  She boarded at school from Grade four on.

Tanya at 14 (back row, left), camping in the Taiga at a hunter's cabin, summer holidays after Grade 8.

Tanya at 17 (2nd row, 4th from R), graduating from Grade 10, the end of highschool in Soviet times.

Tanya 1984 married, two children.

Tanya in Canada at a Chinese Restaurant 2000.


  1. I love how she looks just like herself in that 1st picture. And she was stunning at 11!!! So cute!

  2. Boy oh boy, does Masha ever look like Tanya!

  3. When Tanya was 11, I was 22, just finished my Ag degree. Makes me feel like a cradle robber. Awesome.


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