Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas is a'comin'

Last Sunday we went to the market and bought lovely large fat goose which we will roast for our holiday feast, likely New Years. 

That is THE big festive date in Ukraine with many families.  Instead of decorating for "Christmas|", people decorate for New Years.  Father Frost and Snow Princess are the Santa equivalents, parties are held, visits made and gifts are exchanged.  Orthodox Christmas Day tends to be a solemn religious occasion.  In a way that makes some sense.

Tanya is itching to get at decorating the house.  A couple of years ago you couldn't find much for decorations and now the stores are well stocked with items.  Tanya brought home a couple of small things a few days ago.  Yesterday we were in Dnipropetrovsk in the Dafi (the Dolphin) Mall at the Big Spoon supermarket, they had two aisles filled with Christmas/New Years decorations and she bought a few more, which she set out when we got home.  Next week will be full decoration mode, I expect.

Found a few more things in the Supermarket - winter windshield washer fluid.  No more vodka and water in the washer tank.  And Teriyaki Sauce, $8 for a 250 ml bottle.  We are going to make Teriyaki chicken kebabs.  May-B made them for us when we were there so Tanya wants to try it herself.  Tabasco sauce, 350 ml bottle for about $35.  And real Heinz ketchup and salsa which I didn't price out.

We'll be back to the big city next week again and more Christmas stuff.  I love how Tanya decorates the house.


  1. Hope you'll throw up some shots of the decorations. Don't eat too much goose or buzzard or whatever it is you guys eat over there. ;-)

  2. When you say you bought a lovely "large fat goose" - do you mean one that's currently running around in your yard or do you mean one that's shoved into your freezer somewhere right now?

  3. D - we'll likely buy a turkey, too. Our neighbour is raising a dozen of them.
    V - it is all safely wrapped in three layers of saran wrap in the deep freeze. Ready to thaw and throw in the oven.

  4. Oh yeah I forgot about those. So now you'll either be real nice to them and fatten them up with corn or run them over with your car. Oops sorry neighbor I ran over your turkey, but don't worry I'll clean it up.


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