Monday, November 9, 2009

Community Workers of Saskatchewan - Giving More; Worth More

Community Workers of Saskatchewan, employees of the many community based organizations (CBO's) involved in social programming throughout the province, have a new website: Giving More; Worth More.

CBO's are an efficient way of delivering social programming at the community level. They are funded by government but, as they are run by grassroots volunteer boards from the communities themselves, they are much more flexible and efficient than if they were part of government ministries.

The problem of course is that they are chronically underfunded. There is no political glory in looking after the vulnerable people of society. As a result, staff salaries are substantially lower than they would be doing similar work inside government.

The website is looking to raise awareness in the general public and generate support for fair remuneration. Readers are asked to support their community by writing to the Minister of Social Services.

What kinds of activities do CBO's perform in your community? Some things are listed on the website and I would add:
  • Suicide and Gambling help lines - 24 hour counseling services
  • Child protection - rescuing kids from dangerous home situations
  • Dealing with domestic violence and out of control families
  • Assisting people with mental disabilities, drug and alcohol problems

A comprehensive list would be fairly long but would make for a more informative website as would a contact email address for more information, though the Union websites are linked.

Please, watch their short video and support their cause with a letter to the Minister. Being unappreciated for the work they do is not a good feeling.


  1. They've cut funding for those programs here so much that I don't think they will be around next year. Parks and pools were the first to go. Now their working on cutting homeless, elderly and animal shelters. (Dogs and cats can't vote). Darn maybe we should come to Ukraine or Russia where things may be better.

  2. Don't count on it being better. If a vote was held here tomorrow it would likely go 60-40 back to the Soviet system. Bad as it was it is better than what they have now.


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