Friday, November 13, 2009

Under Masha's Spell

Masha was here this afternoon with her mom for a visit. We picked them up after grocery shopping and made a late lunch for the four of us. Then Masha and her Babushka played hide and seek for a while and did crafty things with oak leaves and acorns.

Masha is learning to spell. She has a set of interlocking blocks with letters on four sides. She spelled Bobik and Volk and Kuchma for us. Then she spelled out the name of the neighbour's cat (Moorka) by which time I had my camera ready.

At 6:00 I drove them home and en route was flagged over by the local traffic police on a routine check. Here they can stop anyone at any time for any reason. I hauled out my driver's licences (Saskatchewan and International). While I was rooting through the glove box for the registration card, Tanya explained that I was Canadian (and harmless) so he gave my licence a cursory glance and sent us on our way. Masha was asleep by the time we got to their apartment.

In daylight, I have to find that registration card. I know it is in there.

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