Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Snow use complaining

It has snowed all day today. Tiny flakes drifting down. The white contrasts with the green leaves still on the apple trees and covers the remaining fall flowers. It is only for a few days and then temperatures will return to the mid-teens if the forecast is right. When that happens, Tanya says she will put her roses to bed for the winter by cutting the stems short and covering them with dirt. The climbing roses, she will wrap with plastic filled with leaves.

We jacked the heat to 4, in spite of news that gas prices will double in 2020 for homes using more than 2500 cu meters in 2009. We will have used about 3500 so we are now looking at about 1500 UAH ($200 CAD)/1000 cu meters instead of 750 UAH ($100 CAD). Still pretty cheap in my books as Europe is paying much more, I think.

According to MIGNews the there is no pandemic of A/H1N1 in Ukraine, though it has been identified in some cases including three deaths. It is just "seasonal flu and acute respiratory disease" which is very serious in Western Ukraine and has already resulted in the deaths of over 70 people.

Of course, I am not sure about MIGNews as it reads more like the National Enquirer and the journalisitic style may be one reason there are an increasing number of laws restricting "freedom" of the press. A good school of journalism would be in order for people who write such as this article or this one.

Tanya was talking to Masha today. Masha said she had a new game to teach her. One person is the cat and one is the dog and they have to chase each other around the house. Tanya asked "Your parents don't want to do this?" "No". "Tell them they are lazy". "Oh, Babushka, that would not be good at all to say they are lazy. Papa is sick (back) and Mama is sick (flu)".

Tanya pretended she was going to punch me today. I said "What have I done?" "If I knew, I would probably kill you".


  1. For a change you have more snow than us!

    Masha is too cute.

  2. The MIGNews sounds like a snow job all right. I'll read the other stuff tomorrow.


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