Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Old Photos

Tanya dug out her box of old photos for me to scan.  Tanya wanted to send some to her old school mate (family name Bengert) now living in Germany.  Here are a few of them.

This is Tanya's Grandfather Franskeyvich.  He and his two brothers were all killed in The Great Patriotic War, Tanya's GRandfather at the Battle of Kursk.

Tanya, her Babuska Franskeyvich, sister Lyudmilla (Luda) and mother Maria (Masha) getting ready to work in the potato garden.  Notice the two girls cling to their grandmother. Their mother was a veterinarian and worked long hours while their grandmother was at home with the family.

This photo of Tanya's Aunt Natasha, Uncle Kolya (Nikolai) on the left and their oldest daughter Nadia, third from right, with their neighbours was taken about 40 years ago in the Taiga area far to the north of Krasnoyarsk.  Tanya's folks lived there too for the first five years of Tanya's life before moving back to Kolyegina village in Khakasia. The truck is to drive to the next village where there was an airport.  there were no roads only trails.

Four Brothers-in-Law.  This photo was taken in Kolyegina about 10 years earlier than the one above as that is Nadia sitting in the wagon between her Dad Kolya on the right and Tanya's Dad Pyotr, with the bandage.  Her dad had fallen on ice and split his head open, hence the bandage. The men are married to four of six sisters: Valya, Masha (Tanya's Mom), Anna and Natasha. 


  1. Those pictures are great! Tanya looks just like herself in that potato one. Awesome.

  2. Interesting that I share many similarities with your family background from this and your last post. My sister was the animal lover of the family and raised goats and pigs on her tiny farm. Great grandpa was a minister and founded a church in NY.


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