Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday's Post

No change in Sasha's condition other than his temperature is high again. Means his body is still fighting back against the infection at least. His ex-wife is frantic, wanting an international specialist to come to Ukraine to help him. We could learn a lot about forgiveness from Ukrainian Ex-wives.

I found this picture on a site for funny t-shirts. There are some good ones and also links to science t-shirts (Chris).
Not much movement today. If I was any lazier I'd need a straw to suck my thumb. Got up at noon. Made a good lunch (it was my turn to cook), washed the dishes and went for a nap.
Last night I made apple crisp. One and a half times the apples and double the crisp. Spooned out a third of it into two dishes and took my dish upstairs (Tanya was on the phone). Came down in an hour to see if she liked the dessert. Another third was gone so I guess she did.


  1. A quick update on this side of the globe. They've stopped dispensing the vacine due to shortages here.

    If they can get some heavy antiboitics in over there then they can fight any pnumonic flu, but as I mentioned before you need to get to it early. That's all part of my haz mat training. I've even done a few Hanta virus clean ups in my time.

    But if you hear of an Ebola outbreak run do not walk to the nearest safe country.

    I hope the best for Sasha.

  2. D, I thought Ebola was a tropical disease, eg Congo? Pneumonic plague is caused by a bacteria and is very fast acting so I am sure this stuff is just flu, swine or otherwise, with acute respiratory infection as a side benefit.


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