Saturday, November 14, 2009

More on Odessa Street Kids

Robert Gamble who left a large Presbyterian Church in Daytona Florda to work with street kids in Odessa Ukraine has just published his November Newsletter available on his blog here along with another wonderful sermon. My previous post about his work in Odessa is here. (Somehow I missed posting his blog link. Don't ask.)

Also for some reason his email showed up on my blog all funny. It is actually just

I read all his back newsletters and was struck by his June slide show sermon which you can watch here on Flickr.

This site is the story of a showing of his photographs in Italy and contains some amazing shots. His website also has many photographs. The orphanage with which he works has a website in Russian. And another partner NGO has this website also in Russian I have a Google toolbar that translates websites. I have no idea where I got it but it appeared one day and made istself useful ever since.

Dr. Robert Gamble, D.Min. Th.M.
This Child Here,
C/O Doroga K Domy (The Way Home)
Str. Sofievskaya 10
Odessa, 65082
Ukrainian Mobile: +380 (63) 611-79-28
USA cellphone: +1 (828) 318-2149

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