Saturday, November 7, 2009

Remembering the Farm - Warm Day in November

Today was a beautiful warm sunny day of +15, so the hounds and I went for a long walk and this time my camera batteries were charged up. We went up to the mining pond again and this time Volk went with us. I guess Bobik told him he missed something last time.

Bobik and Volk at almost 2 years old

The pond, our destination, lovely in the low afternoon sun

Looking back at our house (2 storey) across the marsh/river

If this panorama view of Zhovty Vodi opens you can see the east edge of the city

This photo fits at the extreme right of the panorama and you can see the white line of another cemetery. Old communities have seen many people come and go over time.
Tanya and I went for groceries when we got back from our walk and bought meat for shashlik tomorrow, Roman and Lena and Andrei, Tanya and Masha will all come out for dinner about 2:00. I hope it is +15 again tomorrow when we are BBQing.

Long long ago on another November 7, when I was about 10 years old, Dad was breaking 15 ha (40 acres) of native prairie which he no longer needed for horse pasture. He had pushed some dead brush off the field into a sheltered area of poplars and willows around a slough which he wanted to burn. It was a warm day (like today) and he decided we should have a weiner roast. So he sent us boys home to get mom organized and out she came with all the fixin's for our impromptu picnic.

In Saskatchewan. On November 7. We had an outdoor picnic in light jackets. That was a record, at least for our family and we never forgot it.


  1. We are having warm fall weather here. It was 19C yesterday and 11C today.

  2. Sounds wonderful. It is cool and windy this morning.
    Did the pictures open for you? They rarely do for me. Other people's blogs' pictures open, just not mine.

  3. Sometimes your pictures open up for me. But not these.

  4. Anyone else having trouble? Any suggestions as to the reason? The pictures are slow to upload; could that make a difference?

  5. Pictures came through fine. Very beautiful. I enjoy the memories of the farm.

  6. MC - if you double clicked on the pictures, did they open for you? I loaded them full size

  7. They didn't open for me. But they sure are beautiful. I love the pics of your puppies. Cute!


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