Sunday, February 28, 2010

Signs of Spring

My mother's patron saint may have been Ogden Nash but my father was not above quoting a little doggerel from time to time.
"Tis spring; The bird is on the wing. How absurd, I've always heard the wing was on the bird".

It is daylight by 6:00 am now and not dark until 6:00.  I love it, not being fond of dark, damp dreary weather.  Temps holding around 0C all week but supposed to warm up a bit. Snow is going slowly.

The Christmas catalog may come on the hottest day of summer but the first garden catalog comes on the coldest day of winter.  Tanya has her first seed order from InterFlora already and one more to come, plus two more orders from two on-line companies she found.  Last Sunday she planted her first seeds in little boxes and yesterday we bought more potting soil and she planted a bunch more.  Our window sills are filling up.

Maxim was over today to see what she had ordered and to discuss the planting and nurturing of the seedlings. They were on the computer for an hour looking at on-line catalogs and seriously discussing what flowers would work here and which ones wouldn't.

Kuchma Kot came home this morning limping on his right front leg.  No signs of a serious fight but ...  Inhaled a cup of milk and dish of KitEKat, grabbed a catnap and headed outside again.  It is spring.


  1. No matter where we lived while I was growing up, seedlings filled every window when the time came to consider planting. As the years went by and my father finally retired, his house (now mine)became an agricultural endeavor more than a home. Drove my mom crazy. And it's odd, but I think I was the only student at Towson State back in the 70s who had plants you could not smoke growing in my windows.

    The one thing we all share without being selfish are the seasons.

  2. MRM, I really want to build or buy a greenhouse for Tanya. Not that I mind the windows filled with plants and expect they would continue to be anyhow. She could do so much with a good greenhouse.
    Then I'd have an excuse to set up a woodworking shop.


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