Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Amway ahead of you

Valya and Volodya dropped in this afternoon to bring Tanya her Amway laundry detergent and pre-wash spot remover. That stuff sure is concentrated but it works. My mom used Amway laundry detergent and liked it. I don't ask about price. Happy is all that counts.

Another reason why I like my new dog walking path - it is uphill for the first kilometer than downhill for the remaining two km. Kind of like a roller coaster, once I hit the top, gravity takes over. Volk decided to be a dipstick and run off tonight. I will go out in a few minutes and see if he is back yet. He was back for a while, playing with the cat but took off when he saw Tanya coming to catch him. I don't blame him. I would let them both run if I could. Dog runs, cages, chains and leashes are not my thing.

The cat has been all goofy these past few days. Comes in the house, meowing his head off, follows me around. I offered him some sausage and he was too full to eat it. Rolls over for me to rub his tummy, like a pup. Likes his throat and chest scratched. Then he finds a warm spot in the sun and sleeps for hours. We were watching the Science Channel about big cats and Kuchma wasn't the least interested. Until the program changed to regular cats which meowed; then he perked up.

Speaking of big cats, I would love to get a bottle of lion urine from a zoo and go around the neighbourhood with a spray bottle marking tress and such. That would put the fear of God into every dog in the country.

I really do need to up my meds.


  1. When I was 20 I got talked into selling AMWAY. That stuff actually worked, but I'm not a salesman and ended up selling everything at what I paid for it.

  2. I think a lot of people do that. I hate sales, too. Unless I firmly belive in what I am selling, it is difficult.

  3. Tried selling vacuums once. That was a disaster.

    I wouldn't mind a bottle of that lion urine. Seems every dog in the neighborhood dumps on our lawn.


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