Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An Exchange of Views

I love The Economist. Partly because much of it is online and free. Partly because it is as unbiased news source as one is likely to find (ie I agree with its viewpoints more often than not). Partly because each article on their website is followed by a comments section. The comments section is sometimes more informative than the article in that information is added by readers. Sometimes it is just entertaining. The following exchange occured after an article regarding the use of private security contractors (Blackwater) in Iraq.

Seriously people? As if locating, targeting, and assassinating al-Qaeda members is wrong? I only wish they had actually followed through and carried out the program.

Ibn Khaldun
Seriously people? As if locating, targeting, and assassinating the people who set up military bases in your country and routinely invade or set up dictators in your neighbouring countries is wrong?

John Swartz
Ibn Khaldun, of course it's wrong to kill Westerners. We bear the burden of managing an incredibly complex world. We are the source of virtually all the innovation and wealth creation of the past three centuries. If we set up military bases in your country, it is to protect you. If we invade your country it is because your government is a retrograde abomination. If we establish a dictator in your country, it is because we have a low regard for your ability to govern yourself.
If you have a problem with any of that, pray to your God and see if He stops us.

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  1. And that is why they should not have guns. Stupid Westerners. Think they know everything.


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