Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Weakly News

Sunday Lena and Tanya cleaned house. It was the White Tornado meets Mrs Clean. Top to bottom and four bags of garbage. Lena came back on Tuesday and they cleaned the carpets. The old fashioned way - took them outside on the concrete and took the garden hose with hot water and a scrub brush to them, then hung them on the fence for three days to dry.

Whenever I ask Tanya how I can help, she says "By not helping". Sigh. So I worked on my Ivankiv prefeasibility study, looking at what it would take to establish a real beef industry or at least several enterprises. Possibly a miracle?

The dogs are walking me on a new route, as they got bored with the old paths. We pass a house where there is a little black dog the size of a cat with an attitude the size of a bear. She will have none of this intruder stuff and puts the run on my two. The couple who live in the house are often sitting on a bench out front in the cool of the evening and they laugh and we all cheer the little dog.

Next Tuesday (11th) is Masha's 6th birthday and of course I am going to Kyiv that morning so will miss her party. But I will be back Thursday night and I better have a gift for Tanya as her birthday is on Saturday (15th). Last year for her birthday I took her to Turkey. This year maybe I will bring her back?


  1. I wish you well with the beef idea. I know over here the ranchers even the small ones use computer models. Everything is calculated from the feed to the waste.

  2. "Last year for her birthday I took her to Turkey. This year maybe I will bring her back?"

    You never miss a beat, do you, BF? Or is that BS?


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