Sunday, August 2, 2009

It Rained

It rained last night but you would never know it from this picture. We had a three hour downpour with lots of lightning that knocked out the electricity. I think Zhovty Vodi got it worse than we did. Andrei said that the water was running down the main street (the streets are the storm drains) about half a meter deep. He was worried the river would rise and flood us. Fat chance. The rain must have soaked in as fast as it fell in our neighbourhood.
We were in town for groceries this afternoon and saw the damage to the streets. When they repair the streets, they lay a wafer thin layer of blacktop onto whatever is there. It fills the holes and looks good for a while at least. But the water got under the layers in several places and literally ripped square meters of blacktop up and washed it down the street. It would be funny if the streets and roads weren't so horrible already.

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