Sunday, August 2, 2009

Canadian Jazz and Mongolian Traditional Music

I met Deb Rasmussen in China about 15 years ago. She is an Ag Economist who works for AgriTeam Canada on projects all over the world but many in China and Mongolia. When Tanya and I were in Mongolia in 2007 we ran into her there. She is currently managing a five year Animal Health project in China as well as her involvement with projects in Mongolia.

She is also an accomplished Jazz Singer, with a Calgary group called Northern Lights Quartet with Keith Smith (guitar), Simon Fisk (bass), Robin Tufts (percussion). Last October the group traveled to Mongolia and performed at the grand opening of the Canadian Embassy and the celebration of 35 years of diplomatic relations between Canada and Mongolia. They performed with a Mongolian group called Altai Khangai.

This August Altai Khangai will be coming to Canada and Northern Lights will be performing with them in a number of locations, Saskatoon, several in Alberta including Red Deer, Calgary and Banff, Vancouver, Victoria, and finally in Ottawa. For more detailed information please check the Northern Lights Quartet website.


  1. What's all the jazz you're giving us, BF?

  2. Even if jazz music has spread all over the world, America is still the country where it is the most famous and representative.

    1. Try some Polish jazz music: Komeda, Stanko, Ptaszyn, Namyslowski, Urbaniak etc. and you will change your mind ;)


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