Saturday, August 8, 2009

Up the Creek

Today I decided to take the dogs on along walk and do some exploring east of our place. About 1 km from here is a valley with a creek running along the bottom which is part of the village grazing commons. I decided to follow it and see where it came from. Maybe another km and there is a sort of earth dam across the valley and I can hear a water fall but can't find it. So I climbed the dam and found a ditch, lined with cement along which the water was running towards where I heard the waterfall.

Grazing area for village cows

Pretty little creek runs along the valley bottom

We walked a long way. Volk got bored and went home

Looking back from the top of the first dam

We followed the ditch. We being Bobik and I. Volk went home to play with the little dogs down the street. None of this exploring stuff for him. The ditch took us to another dam another km away. On the other side of this dam was a reservoir. It was the source of water running to the creek and also the destination of water pumped in the big pipes past our place from the mines on the north side of Zhovti Vody. We crossed the dam to the road and walked home on hard surface. Volk was waiting for us as the owner had locked up the little dogs for the night.

Bobik racing along the bottom of the concrete lined ditch

Looking across the length of the second dam

The reservoir (Panoramic view)


  1. It's pretty sad when we bore our dogs so much that they go home.

  2. That last photo is sooo beautiful, Dad. Good job.

  3. Maybe the dog wanted to go home and watch Lassie.

  4. Demeur, you are close. There is a cute little blonde girl dog down the street who was out running around free when we left on our walk. I think Volk went home to play with her.


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