Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Illegal" Aliens???

Whenever resources are scarce there is a frantic search for someone to blame. It couldn’t possibly be our own fault, someone did this to us. The governing class of rich and powerful is keen that they should never be the scapegoats so they are very helpful in pointing out groups of poor and powerless people to take the fall. The proletariat, having found someone to hate, are now focused on them, urging their elimination by fair means or foul, peaceful or violent.

Depending on where you are on the globe and in history Jews, Gypsies, the Yellow Peril, Muslims, Turks or North Africans have all served the purpose. In America it is the "Millions of Illegal aliens” who are the cause of all their ills.

In Canada, aliens are from Mars. In America, aliens are from Canada. I suppose to the average American it is six of one, half dozen of the other. What is an illegal alien? “Hey, you, it’s against the law to be an alien around here!” Let’s call them undocumented immigrants. It is also a euphemism for Latin American since most of them are such. At any rate it mostly means non-white folks who are in USA without the express permission of white folks.

Wasn’t it mostly “undocumented immigrants” who settled the Spanish south and southwest, eventually leading to the independence of Texas, followed a few years later by a war that took the rest of Mexican territory, north and west of the Rio Grande? Maybe Americans are afraid if there are enough Latin Americans living there, Mexico will want its land back?

The problem is that undocumented immigrants all take American jobs and also they all live on welfare. They risk their lives crossing the desert to sneak into the USA and then they send for all their relatives, dozens of them, who arrive presumably by taxi, with every female in the group pregnant. Even grandma.

The jobs these folks do are not high on anyone’s list of desirable careers. Not many American or even documented immigrants if they have any choice, are likely lined up to work in slaughter plants, clean toilets or play nanny to Simon Legree’s children. Especially at those wages and working conditions. No wonder they need welfare to subsist. It’s like working at Wal-Mart.

As to welfare, now THERE is a group folks love to hate for some reason. Especially “Christian Republicans”. Likely because welfare recipients are poor and powerless and can’t fight back. Not sure how they square that with Mark 10:21 (sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven). But then CR Christianity is all about their own wealth. Funny how people scream about their precious tax dollars going to some unwed mother but never mention the nefarious schemes and scams that see the billions going to people who are already rich. The “skim” off the Iraq war alone would keep most of the undocumented immigrants in a life of ease for a hundred years. Previous to that the Savings and Loan etc etc.

The other sore point is that “undocumented immigrants have access to health care that ordinary Americans do not”. Well, whose fault is that? Fix the health care system so you are at least on par with the rest of the developed world in providing for your own citizens.

If it is the “undocumented” that is the problem, document them. If it is the “immigrant” that is the problem, then be ashamed of yourselves. Because some folks might say that since 1492 every newcomer to America is an “Illegal Alien”.


  1. Bravo. That is seriously going to bunch someone's panties.

  2. That really brings us to an interesting question.

    How did Leif Erickson (son of Eric the Red) get past Canadian immigration a thousand years ago (especially when his dad had a name like "Eric the Red")? Yet that's what Erickson did in what today is called Newfoundland -- built a year-round colony at L'Anse aux Meadows, and lived in there for several years.

    Damn the "illegals" -- starting communities, building homes and shops, working hard, becoming self-sufficient.

  3. My ancestors didn't come over on the boat. We were waiting to meet the boat. Now they're still stuck on reservations. THAT is beyond sanity.

  4. Gee BF I didn't think you were that political.
    Never knew Dana was a feather (not dot) who knew?
    I guess might makes right that is until judgment day.


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