Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tanya's Birthday

Tanya's birthday was yesterday. We just had her family over for dinner. Roman cooked shashlik to perfection as usual and salad, fruit and cake made the meal. We took one last opportunity for family pictures with Papa.

Roman, Lena, Tanya, Andrei, Tanya, Pyotr, Masha

Oh, man! Wasn't that a party?

Today Tanya and Papa left for Moscow, to put Papa on the train home to Abakan. He has been a good guest for the past several weeks. He was glad to go home but sad to leave his two grandsons and great granddaughter. It is a long way between Zhovti Vody and Belii Yar.


  1. Happy Birthday (belated) to Tanya. Glad you brought her back from Turkey.

    They all have very somber, Soviet-era, expressions on their faces (well, just a tad happier than that, I guess).

    The cat tells us what the party was really like! Exactly how much vodka did he have?

  2. Hope you enjoyed the time together. As you know by now the older you get the faster time moves.

  3. RB - Actually only Papa has the true "Russian Smile". If you look at very old photos from Canada or America you will see smiling wasn't in vogue, too.
    Someone surely spiked Kuchma's milk. He was sound asleep; just too funny.

    D - Yes, we enjoyed having him visit. His grandsons came over quite often to see him, for which I was glad. By Russian standards he is an old man and not in the best of health.


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