Saturday, August 29, 2009

Whiskey on a Sunday

Except this is Saturday and I am drinking coffee. Am on my second liter (quart).

The mad cleaning crew is at it again. The house will be sparkling clean by supper and whatever I do for the next few days, I will get yelled at for messing it up.

Two way traffic on one way width streets is a tricky procedure. Streets in Zhovty Vodi were apparently designed for driving but not for parking. One side is arbitrarily chosen as the parking side. On coming cars on that side of the street duck into available spaces to let cars going the other way get by. Works quite well. Gentleme's agreement, I expect.

Shoping carts are NEVER left in the parking lot but are always returned to the store or the outside stall. Because no one leaves carts out, no one leaves carts out. The first ignorant person who abandons a cart will start a trend and soon the lots will be full of abandoned carts like Canadian shopping malls.

Yesterday Tanya let the dogs out to amuse themselves. I had given Kuchma a dish of milk. Bobik happened along and stood at a respectful distance while Kuchma licked the dish clean. He then went over and sniffed the empty dish, cocked his leg and pee'd on it and on Kuchma.

Sky is sort of cloudy. A few drops of rain have fallen but it looks like what my dad used to call a "four inch rain" - the drops are four inches apart when they hit the ground. Planting of winter wheat will start in a few days (about Sept 10th) so it will likely start to rain then.

We have two suitcases half full with clothes ready to leave for Canada. Two weeks!


  1. We have streets like that in eastern U.S. Park on one side and hope that you can drive down the street without hitting something. Then one day a week no parking so they can sweep it. I hear NY city is the worst for that. Seattle is getting just about as bad with permit parking in residential areas.

  2. May-B correction, he just peed on the dish. the cat was gone. I misunderstood Tanya.
    D - streets here are swept by hand.
    My sister lives two blocks from a University. Parking permits are a must there or students would plug the streets.

  3. Well, at least Bobick had the right attitude for the situation!


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