Monday, August 3, 2009


We went shopping for groceries yesterday so I thought I'd run another list of costs of various items in Canadian dollars (compare here and here). The exchange rate yesterday was 7 UAH to 1 CAD. One year ago it was 4.3:1. That means my dollar buys about 60% more local currency than it did a year ago. There has been inflation of course, especially in imported items, but never the less we have more money to spend than we did a year ago, while folks here have much less. Even so the shops and markets are busy in Zhovty Vodi and Krivii Rih.


  1. I tried, but it's all Greek to me. Americans don't have to KNOW anything about UAH versus CAD or even know how much a kg or a gram is. We just have to know where the butter, milk and cheese is, and grab some. Thank god.

  2. Exchange rate today was 7.9 UAH to the USD. 1 kg = 2.2 lbs. 454 gms = 1 lb.

  3. No wonder you decided to retire in the Ukraine! You're practically a millionaire.

  4. P.S. Beef in Florida? You must be joking, BF.

    BTW: what's happening with beef and pork prices in the Ukraine? Has production just about totally collapsed?

  5. The last cow in Ukraine will turn out the lights. I'll post a chart of the decline in cattle numbers since 1990. I have one somewhere.

    Commercial industrial pig production is slowly ramping up but takes investment, which is on hold since a year ago, of course.

  6. I was calculating in my head by the CAD to US dollar. Prices almost look the same except for the beef and pork. It's been so bad here for the dairy farmers that they've been dumping their cows so beef was cheap but now that the heards are thinned I expect prices to go through the roof.
    I guess Dana doesn't notice the kg and gm next to the lbs. and ozs.


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