Friday, August 28, 2009

Kyle Shaw, Speed Artist

Kyle Shaw is the nephew of long time friend, fellow Agrologist and sometimes blog commenter Insubordinate. He is also a wheelchair athlete. He lost the use of his legs in a car accident at age 16, spent a year or more in rehab and continued on with life. You can read his bio here on the Cyclones Road and Track Club website.

Yesterday he won Silver in the 1500 meters at the Canada summer Games in PEI with a time of 3:41.50. He races again today in the 400 meter at 3:00 pm PEI time, having won his heat yesterday. You can cheer for him and check on the results here.

Grit and determination are family traits and Kyle continues the tradition. Go for Gold today, Kyle. We are with you all the way.


  1. What a nice tribute - Kyle is an amazing child - he felt sorry for himself for all of a day or two. His goal is the Paralympics. I sent the article to his parents so they can see that good friends cheer for friend's nephews. So, in turn, I am cheering for a certain upcoming wedding!!

  2. Fourth in the 400 meter, but he isn't a sprinter, you said. Are there marathons for these guys?
    The wedding will go off without a hitch. I got five pages of closely typed notes from May-B outlining who is to do what where and to whom from 10:30 Thursday till final clean-up Saturday


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