Thursday, August 20, 2009

Politics and Religion

Someone took exception to my use of “Christian Republican” as a derogatory term. Actually derogatory doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel about it. (Canadians can play along by substituting appropriate political party names).

Republicans claim to have a lock on Christianity. The only thing they have a lock on is hypocrisy.

They preach morals and family values but their personal track record says otherwise. They preach fiscal responsibility but spend tax money like there is no tomorrow. If you look at the record, the Republicans have gotten the USA into financial messes which the Democrats then have to sort out. Raegan-Clinton and now Bush-Obama are just the most recent. They don’t tax and spend, they just spend. They preach free enterprise but are firmly attached to the government teat for favourable legislation, big contracts and cash handouts. They preach against big government but expand it exponentially.

They are anti-poor, anti-sick, anti-“Coloured”, anti-women, anti-minority of any kind, anti-science, anti-education, anti-intellectual, anti-environmental stewardship. They are pro-violence, pro-guns, pro-war, pro-accumulation of wealth by fair means or foul, the latter being their only measure of personal value. They believe the wealth of a nation should not benefit the people of the nation, only a select few. Their social safety network can best be summed up as “I’m OK; f**k you!”

This may an acceptable political ideology and it certainly has its adherents but it is not Christian. It is the antithesis of everything Christianity stands for. They love to call the Democrats godless atheists, though Dems do a far better job of living true Christianity and I suspect they have as many or more actual Christians voting for them.

So if you want to call yourself a Christian Republican, that is your choice. But please don’t talk to me about your kind of “Christianity”. It sickens me.


  1. Well, uh, yes BF. Glad you got that out.

    Politically there is a specific term for those who follow all the "antis" and "pros" you have listed. It's called "Fascism." And it has been alive and well in the United States for ages -- in the U.S. that is terrified by Communism (which is no less evil).

    Just consider, one example. Why did it take the U.S. so long to get into WW2? Fascist sympathies at the top of the "feeding chain"? D'ya think?

  2. And people wonder why your children are Socialists. Seriously, living in a capitalist province makes me want to hurl.

  3. This is so well written I'm stealing it er copying it for a Friday post.

    I don't recall Jesus carrying a sword or AK47. I don't recall him calling for bombing. And the only time he became angry was when he kicked over the tables of the money changers at the temple.

  4. RB - You called it absolutely correctly. I could have added anti-democracy. I could have added that they preach hatred, intolerance and revenge instead of love, compassion and rehabilitation. I could have added they have no respect for truth or laws. I could have added a great many things.
    LynnieC - hang tough, you'll graduate soon enough.
    Demeur - thank you. Any time. I am always glad to help a good cause.


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