Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Bridebasket of Europe

Tanya and I went for breakfast (at 10:00 am) to our favourite tea and bake shop, Marichka.  We met a couple from Switzerland having a morning coffee.  They had two boys, maybe 10 and 8. He was tall, handsome, 45, university professor.  Good English and Russian (and likely German, French, and Italian too). She was drop dead gorgeous brunette, 35, originally from Kyiv, visiting her Babushka in Zhovti Vody.


  1. All kinds of people visiting the Ukraine these days.

    Probably a good thing. Especially for brides, former brides, and wannabe brides.

    And you're married to the only woman in the Ukraine who doesn't want to move to Canada. Ah, well; wouldn't life be dull if we all thought the same?

  2. Switzerland is okay if you can afford it. Canada is looking better all the time with the way things are going here. Just wonder if the Canadians would put up a fence to keep Americans out? ;-)

  3. The women who want to stay are more interesting. You know they love your blue eyes not your blue passport. You know they love their country and want to make it a better place for all to live.

    Demeur, come on up. You can likely find work as we have gross messes to clean up in Canada too.

    No fence. Some of our best citizens are ex-pat Americans. Like the ones who saw early on what the Vietnam war was really about and decided Hell no, we won't go. Our current PM is a bit of an asshole but if the Liberals can find a leader they will have no trouble dumping the CRAP (Conservative Reform Alliance Party).

  4. You're starting to piss me off. (or else my medication is wearing off) Joe and I are a "party of two" morning, noon and night. Yet YOU live in the Ukraine and have visitors from Switzerland......

    *packing our bags and coming to visit*

  5. Come visit. Of course, when Joe sees the Ukrainian women, his next wife will be Olga, nor Helga.


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