Friday, August 20, 2010

A Clean Garage

The weather has moderated finally and the AC has been off for three days.  There's a cold breeze blowing through the open window and dark clouds in the sky. Maybe it will rain.

This afternoon Roman and Lena came over.  Lena to harvest garden stuff and Roman to help me do some yard clean up.  We swept up the dog run, shoveled up a wheelbarrow full of windfall apples from the patio and sidewalks and cleaned the garage.

We hauled everything outside, swept the floor twice and put everything back in, only more tidy.  Well, everything but four old tires and three bags of junk.  I need to buy shelves next time we are in Krivii Rih so I can store and find things easier.  Or better yet, buy some tools and build the shelves.

Roman and I were quite proud of ourselves for not sitting at our respective computers all day and actually doing 3 hours of real work. We were telling Tanya and she was so impressed "Maybe it will rain".  Which is more polite than saying "Hell must have frozen over".


  1. And it works, too. Remember when you went three days without coffee and it rained for the first time in weeks?

  2. Haul it out and put it back. Every few months Joe will clean out the garage. We have things left over from my dad's days, and a loft full of accumulations that make other people's yard sales look like...well....crap. He sweeps and uses the air blower in the corners, then brings everything back in.

  3. As Chief Dan George said "Sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn't". No rain and clear skies.

    Once I get shelving, I can sort down stuff but we really don't have much in the garage. Mostly tools and such.


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