Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Fans Take Note

My good friends, Alf and Sveta Zumpano, at Free Lens Photographic, are circulating the following regarding activities the day before the annual Roughrider-Blue Bomber game on Labour Day Weekend.

We would like you to know about the Rider Fan Exhibit that is opening at the Legislature on September 4th.  It is a fantastic project celebrating the fans of the greatest team in the CFL.

There will be a parade from Mosaic Stadium to the Legislature at 2:30pm and the opening ceremony of the exhibit will commence around 3:30pm.

We will be photographing all of the fans dressed in Rider Gear and we'll be placing their individual photos in the windows of the buildings of the poster Rider Green - Immortal Nation

Be sure you are included in this photo creation which will printed 8'x 12' and displayed around town and perhaps in places around the province.  Be immortalized by joining in and having your photo taken at the Legislature.  Please go to the link below to see more information and click on Rider Green - Immortal Nation in the top right corner to see the poster.

Please tell you friends and please pass this on to as many people as you can.

We hope to see you there on Saturday September 4th.

NOTE: if you click on the Free Lens Photographic website and go to galleries/weddings, you will find a beautiful B&W picture of May-B and the Guy walking towards  the Legislature. Building


  1. Too bad the fun isn't happening in Saskatoon!

  2. Also, there will be a pic of The Guy and I in our wedding gear at Mosaic Stadium. We're going to be in the display!!


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