Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Night Supper

Tonight Andrei, Tania and Masha went with Tanya and I to Krivii Rih to McDonalds for supper.  Just for something to do.  We had a good three hour visit; Masha got a new pair of shoes to start school and I had my fix of recognizable food.

I like McDonalds.  I realize that the Chardonnay Socialist crowd look down on it but to them I say "Pffft".  The food is good, the restaurant is clean, even the washrooms are spotless.  The staff are friendly, even to each other, they are well organized and they hustle.

While Masha nibbled at her McHappy Meal (she only wants the "free" plastic happiness ) the four adults inhaled 8 Royal Cheeseburgers, two large fries, two large and two regular drinks and we all had McSundae's to go.  For $35.00.  Oh, and $15 for gasoline.

As to the high fat content, one does not eat there every day so what is the big problem? I can go to "Chez Garcon's Bistro", pay three prices and get just as much fat but everyone thinks it is OK (because it is a higher class of fat?).

In other news, the romance seems to be over. Hot weather makes for short tempers.  After several lovers' spats, Masha is spending her time in the house and Maxim has a new squeeze.  Yulichka, the little girl who rode her bike up and down our street all summer, snagged him on the first bounce and threw for home. 

Bobik decided to take a round out of Volk again and got well bloodied for his efforts.  Maybe he will learn.  He has also decided Kuchma is a cat and should be chased up a tree.  This morning Kuchma was up our big apple tree and Bobik was perched about five feet off the ground in the first set of branches.  No one had a camera of course.

It would have been funny except the dogs broke three of Tanya's flowers.


  1. Never a dull moment around your place. From McHappy meals to crazy-happy dog? Hmmmm.

  2. Now, RB, don't be sarcastic. The most exciting thing I did the other day was wash the dishes.

  3. Oh no! Poor Masha. I never imagined Maxim could be so fickle. At least we know the little bicyclist's name now, though.
    Give Bobik and Volk kisses from me, and rub Kuchma's belly for me.

  4. Moi? Sarcastic? Heavens no! Not my style.

    Just very observant! (Some might say cynical, but I've got too positive a personality to be truly cynical. Maybe the word "puckish" or "playful" would work best.)

    Bwah ha ha ha!

    And now, is Tanya going to have to be yenta (matchmaker) for Masha?

  5. I hope that Tanya still had a buzz on from eating at McDonalds so that she could take the demolition of three flowers in stride....somehow I don't see that happening........and now ALL the dogs are hiding in the same tree!

  6. At least your McDonalds service over there is now better than ours. Here you get dirty restrooms and rude counter people.
    And now you have a DOGwood tree? That would make a funny picture.

  7. I notice that Demeur is "getting with the program."

    A picture of your DOGwood tree would be grand. How soon do you think you can do that, BF?

  8. Next time Bobik climbs a tree, I will take a picture if I can get there before he jumps down. It was too funny. Maybe I can put him up in the tree as a re-enactment?

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