Sunday, August 15, 2010

Party On

Flowers, Plant stand and Nina Ricci from me
There were eight of us for supper tonight, in spite of Tanya deciding she didn't want a party for her birthday.  Tanya did some prep work and some cooking and the rest we bought at a local deli.  Volodya and Valya from P'yatikhatki started it by saying they were coming invited or not.  Our friend Galina from Moscow came a couple days early.  Lena is at the ocean for a well deserved three day rest and so Roman showed up, looking for food.  Tania and Masha rounded it out. 

Flowers from Maxim and Ivan

Volodya, Valya and Galya

Happiness is . . . each other.


  1. Tanya! Your outfit is gorgeous!!

  2. Happy birthday Tanya.
    From David and Elaine

  3. Happy birthday, Tanya.

    Let me guess; your 40th?

    No matter what the number, I hope it was a grand time for you!

  4. Tanya says thank you for all the birthday greetings, especially Rob-Bears "excellent" guess.

    May-B - not bad for a $15 top. I love it. She looks so good in it.

  5. Happiest (belated) birthday, Tanya!! :)


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