Monday, August 2, 2010

The Only prize I Ever Won was my Wife's Hand

Smutzie, from | | and of course, Five Star Friday, emailed to tell me that The Blog Fodder was nominated for a CWA (Canadian Weblog Award) - Best Ex-Pat Blog.  Cool. By whom I have no idea but she is a friend of May-B at Buggering Crap Monkies.  though her biases might run the opposite direction

I didn't think the CWA in her email meant Canadian Western Agribition but had to check to see what it did mean.

Certainly a category my blog does fit in as I couldn't think of another.  It is all over the map as far as content is concerned.  Part letters to my kids, part letters to the editor, part filler, part ??

Readership is pretty slim.  Average 30 per day but only 13 will admit it.  Wish a few more would sign up as followers and make themselves known.  I don't know how to tell you to do that if you don't have a blog. Anyone know if there is a way to sign on as a follower and have an email tell you when I've posted something?  You can even use a phony name if you wish.  Like Insubordinate.


  1. Hey I resemble that remark. I'm an insubordinate follower. I just don't like signing up to anything that would have me as member. ;-)

  2. Hey you can't even vote for your favorite blog with this thing... bummer. And I so had plans to stuff the ballot box.

  3. You and Groucho.

    The competition is juried so you can still bribe the jury, I guess.

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    Is this possible?


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