Thursday, August 12, 2010

At Dana and Joe's


  1. Yeah, you'd have to swap the damage to the other door if it was your place.

  2. OH GOD. I came back to leave you a message and saw THIS!!! I started laughing so hard that it's a wonder I didn't wake Joe and Beau fact I wish I had!!!

    Which reminds me of ANOTHER wreck I had......that included my poor dad, but maybe I'd better stop before you start doubting my honesty.

    What I came to say was: Get yer butt back to my blog, cuz, DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND, I was forced to change my weekly story from what it was, to PART TWO of the story about the watering can...

    Had too. Too many voodoo death treats flowing around.

    p.s. I'm stealing that photo so I can write MY OWN post and present MY SIDE of the situations.

  3. Yeah, looks about right.

    Unless Joe was trying to back a fire engine into there.

  4. Boy, ah say, Boy, yo shet your mouf, Boy.

    Got up at 4:00 am to get ready to go to Dnipropetrovsk, read your comments on the previous blog and had to post this for you, Dana.

  5. Grae's right. Maybe THAT's the reason you never drove nice vehicles, Dad. Remember that time you backed the new van into a post at Sears?

  6. Grae reminded me of the time he and Tanya walked past a minivan that had been in a fender bender. Tanya asked Graeme if I used to own it.


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