Friday, August 13, 2010

Same old same old

It has been a tad warm in European Russian these past several weeks.  This map from The Economist shows the variation from normal for a week in July. Lots of fires as I reported earlier though many of them are out or under control.  Moscow has had rain and temperatures are moderating a bit. I'll get an update from our friend Galyna next week when she visits.

Earlier this week BBC reported that Moscow's Health Chief, had confirmed that the number of deaths in Moscow had doubled in July over normal.  He will be looking for a new job shortly, I expect as today, BBC said that the Kremlin strongly denied it and Doctors have been under "unofficial" orders NOT to diagnose heatstroke as cause of death.


  1. Yup. Same old same old. When you're hot, its NOT heat stroke.

  2. Nor did they die of cancer after Chernobyl, nor after nuclear tests in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan. Nor do they die of cold in winter. They die of whatever the doctors are told they die from that will cause least embarrassment to the state.

  3. It's the el'nino summer. Hotter than Hell on a hotplate here too. I worry about all the "beloved" family dogs, standing in the middle of the back yard, chained to a concrete block with no water and no shade. Yeah.

    "We love our lil' puppy....why isn't the %@*&#$ thing moving??? Well, we can always get a new one."

    oh word verification is UNDEAD......should I type it or just tippy toe outta here?


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