Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hell no, you can't!*

Today was primary day here and as Republicans have asked for my vote I can say with great glee "No"!  No you can't have my vote because you've conditioned me to say "No".

I say no to tax breaks for the rich.
I say no to corporate loopholes that make CEO wealthier while the rest of us suffer.
I say no to slashing budgets that cause layoffs of our teachers fire and police.
I say no to banks that won't refinance mortgages while we bailed them out.
I say no to republicans who made health care an issue of killing grandma when they knew that was a lie.
I say no to torture.
I say no to illegal wire taps.
I say no to treating us all like criminals when we board a plane.
I say no to stereotyping races and religions for some sick political gain.
I say no to not passing a jobs bill and getting the economy going again.
I say no to teabaggers and their fake outrage when most of the time they don't even understand the issue.
I say no to republicans who parrot the BS of Fox News which isn't a news organization and shouldn't be part of the white house press corps.
I say no to the idiots who think that it was Obama who got us into this mess.
And I say no to the idiots who keep blocking everything he's tried to do.

Got any better ideas other than tax cuts for the uber wealthy then let's hear it or just shut the hell up and get out of the way.

*This blog is stolen from Demeur who would rather be correct than right.


  1. Rather be correct than Right?

    My kinda guy!

    Big problem in the US today; so many people are so full of what's Right they don't what's good.


    Even worse, that's happening in Canada now, with Harper as Prime Minister.


  2. You have Harpo but we had eight years of Bush. If you look at Bush's past history you'll find that there wasn't anything that he did that he didn't fail at.
    1. Military service - washed out as a pilot in National Guard.
    2. Governor of Texas - left defecits and bad environmental record.
    3. Owner Texas Rangers baseball team - bankrupt
    4. President U.S. - country bankrupt, started two wars, shredded the constitution with illegal wire taps, domestic spying, torture and outing a CIA agent. And suckered the UK, Canada,and a bunch of other countries into his wars with no plan for an end.

    Canada is still looking better than here.

  3. Am I losing my mind? I thought you were a Canadian who lives in the Ukraine? Canada isn't in the U.S., is it? And the Ukraine isn't in the U.S. either so far as I know, but then again I might have missed the news on the day that we annexed it.

    I THINK that maybe you meant to say that you stole the entire post from an American? Is THAT where I missed the train--or maybe the boat?

  4. Snowbrush, you missed the last line on my post which said I stole the entire thing from Demeur. Who lives in Seattle. I thought it was hilarious. American politics is extremely funny to those of us fortunate enough not to have to live there.

    Demeur, Bush's success or failure depends on what the goals were. I think he was a total success. Point by point:
    National Guard - he didn't go to Vietnam and he is still alive and healthy.
    Governor of Texas - he made a LOT of money for his friends and cut taxes to boot.
    Texas Rangers - owning the team was the point, money was incidental.
    President of USA - moved country several steps closer to complete Fascism.

    Good governance was not the goal.

  5. Well, I DID see that, actually, but I was still a little confused about whether it was the WHOLE thing you stole, but then, of course, it would have been... The source of my problem is that I never get used to the fact that people from other countries seem so interested in what happens here. I do get it, of course, why they would take notice when we're out bombing the hell out of other people for no good reason, or when we're trashing the planet, or when we're using way more than our fair share of resources, but when it's something like an off-year election, I'm a bit lost.

  6. Snowbrush, American politics is the best serial sit-com going.

    Literate (for any Republican readers, that means able to read and write, not the marital status of parents), rational, informed people from around the world cannot believe how backward the thinking of half of the country is.

    Of course, it would be much funnier if it was not tragically impacting so many of the world and did not have the potential to destroy us all.

  7. BF: I think part of what Snowbrush misses is my comment, at the beginning, that we have a Prime Minister (government leader) in Canada who is taking us down the same path to fascism that successive (primarily Republican) Presidents have taken the US. In our Prime Minister's mind, there is no difference between Canada and the US, except that Canada is a bit "behind" the US — a difference which he wants to eliminated. So some of this is the process of getting ready to fight these battles on our own turf, by identifying fascist developments.

    The larger issue, of course, is that of what it means to be truly human in the 21st century. A good starting point would be the United Nations "Universal Declaration of Human Rights." The United States supported that declaration in 1948 when it was passed, but has (apparently) long since forgotten about it. The disdain for "human rights," and for the law of the land, are two of the many characteristics of fascist nations. Likewise fraudulent elections — like the "theft" of the Presidency from Al Gore. Etc.

    Human rights are something which concern, as they should, people in every nation. The loss of human rights, anywhere, diminishes all of us, everywhere.

  8. JUST * SAY * NO didn't work where drugs are concerned and isn't gonna fly in any other area.

    JUST * SAY * YES seems to be a common cry for ALL things now.

    Me? I say "pffft". Is there a t-shirt yet?


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