Thursday, March 12, 2009

Are there any news?

Not a new.

I cannot recall the people (editor and reporter) involved in this famous exchange so would appreciate help. I googled "are there any news" and got 59,000 hits. half of which used it correctly as in "are there any news groups?" while the rest merrily and ignorantly butchered the Queen's English.

Around here there isn't a single new either. Tanya planted her green onions as she promised and then pruned the grape vines back to the third node on all green branches. This year they better yeild again. She also cooked two huge wonderful meals for me. A five-egg omlette for breakfast and a pork stew flavoured with dill for supper. Her drapes will be ready tomorrow and she will need help in hanging them when I need a break.

Right now I am running on strong black coffee but making progress. Two chapters almost completed and two to do tomorrow, along with the exec summary, T of C and all the lists. Accronyms are killers as they are totally jargon and incomprehensible to anyone outside the field. The best ones are UNDP GEF SGP and USDA FAS GAIN. The rest are more normal, though there is an IENICA and a CEEC.


  1. Not to mention EIEIO -- which is the acronym for "farm."

    And did you get the green onions planted?

  2. You don't read well. Tanya planted them. I should have put the title of yesterday's blog in quotes, obviously. It was her announcement to me.

  3. By the way, it was Horace Greeley who insisted that News was plural. The response was from one of his harassed reporters. Courtesy Wikipedia

  4. Wasn't it Horace Greeley who said "go west young man" while he stayed in the east and made a fortune?

    I'm envious. The ground here is still frozen so I can't plant yet. Got to get the depression garden in. Ukraine sounds like it is fairing better than the U.S. economically and agriculturely. Speaking of accronyms my profession has it's lion's share like ACM PCM TEM SCBA PAPR LEL and IDLH just to name a few. I always remember IDLH which is the the smallest amount of a toxic material that will kill you . I remember it as I Don't Live Here.

  5. Hi BF, here from MFTD. Nice to meet YOU.
    I noticed the green onions, and I am new!
    Does that mean I can have a stamp for being a good girl?

  6. How come you don't have a 'followers widget' on your page?

  7. Yes, Horace Greeley was the "Go West, Young man" person. Too smart to take his own advice.
    The Accronym I liked best from science was LD50 which was the dose that killed half the rats, mice, chickens, people in teh lunch room...
    How does one get a followers widget? I see others have them. Do I really want to know?

  8. Then, of course, there are "news," and then there are "gnus."


  9. Go to the layout section of your blog. Choose "add a new..." and find the one for followers.


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