Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last Sunday's Contest Winners

Some very good entries on last week's pictures. Thanks so much. Hard to chose just one best so I doubled up in a couple cases. Someone wondered about prizes. (I mean, besides being given prominence on my blog with its daily readership of an entire 25 people...Thank you... Thank you very much. I love you all). Hadn't really thought of it. I knew this contest was missing something.

Al's Scotch really is great! Rob-Bear

That's the last time I ask for a poodle cut. Demeur
I will punish you for this. May-B

Ok, I'll take the right and you circle around from the left, we'll jump him. Airman Mom
"So, that's what 'outside' is!" Grammie
Why do we always end up in here after they do that? Give us AIR! The Wisper

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