Thursday, March 5, 2009


There is a jewelry store in Zhovti Vodi which sells good quality (as in genuine gold, diamonds etc.) merchandise. I bought Tanya a pearl necklace there for Christmas. She was happy.

The store was held up yesterday by two robbers armed with pistols.

Security was an old man with a small trenching shovel. He took a bullet in the leg and one in the chest, the latter stopped by his bullet proof vest, and still put one robber in hospital with a shovel to the face. The other guy got away by car.

Don't mess with old guys with shovels and military experience. They keep coming.


  1. Here's one for you. A homeowner here was at the back of his house. The robbers were inside and had stacked his stuff at the front door. The homeowner walked around the front of the house to find the robbers getaway car with the motor still running. He jumped in and drove off and called 911. The robbers now with no car were caught a short time later. Another America's dumbest burglars.

  2. Sounds similar to when a group I was with was carjacked in Nigeria. The thieves took off with our van (loaded with our gear), and we took off in the (likely stolen) car they left running on the roadside. We had to cram 6 people in the tiny Peugot and head back to town. The local police then proceeded to take the same Peugot to chase after the robbers...


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