Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Caption Contest 150309 edition

This week's contest features cats.
Winners will be posted next Sunday.
Thanks for last week's excellent entries and looking for more entries this week.


  1. Captions

    1. Al's Scotch really is great!

    2. I think there's a mouse behind me.

    3. We've made it this far; one big s-t-r-e-t-c-h and were FREE!

  2. #1 It feels REALLY good if you scratch right here!
    #2 It's not easy being me!
    #3 Ok, I'll take the right and your circle around from the left, we'll jump him.

  3. 1.Ha ha wait till he finds out I hid all the tuna.
    2. That's the last time I ask for a poodle cut.
    3. Hey have you seen the kids?

  4. 2. I will punish you for this.

  5. 3. Why do we always end up in there when they do that? Give us AIR!

  6. 1.) Economic recovery? What economic recovery?

    2.) THIS costume is why I despise Halloween!

    3.) "So, that's what 'outside' is!"

    : )


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