Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Buzzard Has Landed

Today I got my long awaited permanent residency passport. A simple piece of cardboard stock (which we will laminate) with all appropriate stamps and signatures on both sides and the worst picture ever, though Tanya says it does look like me. The most important function of this passport to me is to allow me back into the country should I leave for any reason such as visiting my family or vacationing in Georgia. Otherwise, having been here in Ukraine for six months I would have to stay out for six months.

I am now also officially registered as co-owner of our house and, Tanya tells me, entitled to vote in upcoming elections. Local elections are first-past-the post but oblast and national deputies are chosen from the party lists based on proportional representation. Prospective deputies jockey for position on the list by buying their way onto the list of their party. Those highest up the list are guaranteed a seat and immunity from prosecution for life. Do I want to vote?


  1. Looks like an old prison photo. I'm sure you'll get a second screening at customs.

  2. The jackass photo was much better. (Yes, I'm reading these posts in reverse order, chronologically.)

  3. P.S.: You share an interesting though BF: "Those highest up the list are guaranteed a seat and immunity from prosecution for life."

    Sounds just like Canada.


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