Sunday, March 8, 2009

International Women's Day

Today, March 8, is International Women's Day. This may come as a shock to most North American women unless they are part of the fish needs a bicycle crowd. I called Lyn last night just to talk and wished her happy Women's Day. She'd never heard of it. I learned about it some years back in Ukraine when I was yelled at for not sending congratulatory greetings to a translator friend, now in Moscow. It is a big deal here, I can tell you. Bigger than Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Secretary's Day all combined. Flower and gift shops do a roaring business; phone lines are jammed; grocery shelves stripped and visiting and feasting abounds throughout the land.

Tanya was cooking from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm because she had invited Andrei, Tanya and Masha to celebrate. I went for more groceries and then made cornbread (Johnny Cake) and banana loaf, both by popular demand. We had enough food for 10 people as always and dirtied every pot and dish in the house, some at least three times. Roast chicken, fried fish, mashed potatoes topped with a pork stew gravy, green salad and some kind of beet salad. Appetizers were little open face red caviar and smoked salmon sandwiches (that was my gift to Tanya who loves the stuff but finds it usually unaffordable).

Maxim was over visiting his grandparents next door so Masha could hardly eat, wanting to go and play. Just as we finished eating, Maxim and his father showed up to say they were headed for home. Masha was absolutely heartbroken. Five minutes later Lucia showed up with Maxim; if we gave him a ride home he could stay and visit. Ecstacy all around. Those two are so cute together, play so well and are obviously smitten at ages 5 1/2 and 8. We gave everyone a ride home a couple hours later.


  1. That's it! Now that we convinced all the gals over here that there is no secretary's day and that Valentine's Day is passe you come out with this. As if Americans aren't fat enought.
    Now let's have some of those Johnny Cakes and don't forget the gravy. Hey and don't get any crumbs in the keyboard.

  2. I think I've got most of the Canadian "family tree" figured out, but not so with the Eastern (Russian/Ukrainian) side.

    Anyhow, sounds like you had a great party. Always a good thing -- combining family, food, and fun.

  3. How traditional for WOMEN'S DAY to be celebrated by the man making johnny cakes and Masha nailing down Maxim as her future johnny cake baker.

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