Monday, March 16, 2009

Masha pitches Grandma

The long slow curve...
Yesterday, our clever little Masha called her Babushka ostensibly to recite some new rhymes she learned. The kid has in incredible memory for rhymes and can "read" her entire ABC book which has a 4 to 8 line rhyme on each page. So she impressed Baba Tanya with her new poems.

...followed by the fast break over the plate.
"Basbushka, my toy parrot needs new batteries. Papa won't go and buy them. Mama won't go and buy them. I need them today. Will you go and buy them for me?"

Tanya's response might be paraphrased as "Today? Not likely".
At which point Masha says "I will phone Baba Natasha".
Tanya said to Masha, "Do you remember the poem about the bad little girl who never listens to her mother"? Masha says yes and recites it.
Tanya says "That is you".
"I'm not talking to you any more"

So today when we were in town we stopped and bought six batteries for her parrot. We figure it is part of Andrei and Tanya's punishment for being parents.


  1. Yeah, I can see why your kids will not allow you to babysit. And considering that you and Babushka Tanya probably make a pair, I don't think you'll have many babysitting options in the Ukraine.

    Just a guess, of course.

  2. Joe hasn't heard from his daughter in 7 years, but her door is always open for any deliveries from us via UPS. One year we decided to get his grandson (whom she was holding as ransom from Joe) the gift that keeps on giving. A nice set of drums.

  3. I've been looking for toy bagpipes. Anyone who can help in that regard?

  4. Toy bagpipes? Never heard of such a thing. Are they any less overpowering that the real ones?


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