Sunday, March 29, 2009

Catching up

Yesterday we went to Krivyi Rih to shop at the new Epicenter which is a huge Home Depot style store. It was the first time I had driven any distance in quite a while and KR has not gotten any easier to find one's way around. The city is more than 100 km in length (between 114 and 147) with only one way through it end to end, like a maze. No signs, of course and fortunately no or very little traffic. Our neighbour Zhenia went along for the ride and gave directions or we never would have arrived at all. The trip exhausted me. Just the highway alone was enough to do that.

When we got home, we picked up Masha who was coming for the night (a historic first). She and her Babushka have had a pretty good time as she is refusing to go home. She also spent much time playing with the dogs and got her jacket dirty enough I am sure her mother will never let her come here again. We just took the dogs for a walk. Masha is unhappy that I did not let her throw stones in the water by the bridge but if she got wet...

We bought 50 raspberry bushes and five more currant bushes from our neighbour Natasha. She and her daughter Dasha and daughter's boyfriend Sergei came over to dig them in. While they were here, Tanya got the boyfriend to cut down a couple more apple trees, transplant three sour cherry trees into our garden from the vacant lot next door and dig in an apricot tree we bought this morning at the market. He was also able to burn off the vacant lot that was too wet last fall to catch. Good afternoon for Tanya. She got lots done just by supervising.

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  1. I am married to a woman who gets a lot done by supervising. A LOT done.


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