Sunday, March 29, 2009

Winners of the last contest

This is the end of my Sunday Contests. Entries have dropped off so interest has also. Many thanks for the great captions. By the way, according to an article in the Regina Leader-Post,
Studies suggest the sight of a cute animal can stimulate the same neurological pleasure centres as those aroused by chocolate, sex and psychoactive drugs. That likely accounts for my sister who sends me all these cute pictures.

Put me in coach! I want to play! from Grammie

This chair is lumpy. from Demeur

This is payback for not being walked enough. from Rob-Bear
Sending a Pee-mail (honourable mention from my brother)


  1. Sad to see your Sunday contest end...great pictures and great captions!

  2. I know but only three people sent in captions this past week. Good captions but need more to chose from. Where were yours AM?

  3. Sometimes it's hard to think of a funny caption.


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