Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tomorrow I will plant green onions

It was warm enough this morning and the sun was bright. The tulip beds are fairly bursting with shoots. Tanya put on her coat and slippers (so she wouldn't get her shoes muddy) and started cleaning up her flower beds at the front of the house. Just what she could reach from the walk. But she informed me tomorrow she would set out some onions for green onions for our salad. She is getting garden and yard fever. I know what that means...

This afternoon I drove her into the city to check on her drapes, then we picked up Tanya and I dropped them both off at Kindergarten to collect Masha. The three of them spent from 3:30 until 7:00 walking in the park, shopping, having tea and cake in a little restaurant and in general enjoying the day while I worked on my report.

Rob-Bear says students and dogs need to be trained to do it on paper. Consultants too.

Kuchma is enjoying spring too. He disappeared for three days, then came home today and couldn't decide if he wanted in or out. Meow, come in, eat, meow, go out. Meow, come in, meow go out. Must be spring.


  1. There will be no gardening here for a while. Temp -35C with -47 windchill this morning.

  2. It was supposed to be spring here, but we've had snow the last few days. It's bizarre! And it's sad seeing the daffodils and crocuses covered in the white stuff. But it's warming up everyday, and I'm glad of it.

  3. Tomorrow, you will plant green onions. THE TANYA has spoken. There is no escape. ;)

  4. About doing it on paper; you're only partly right. Consultants have to be trained to do it on power point, assuming the technology is available.

  5. Mid March and -35? That is insane.
    Victoria has had snow quite often this winter. So you don't miss home too much, Ky.
    PPT is a good idea if people want it. I always offer but since my clients are usually a good distance away, they decline the honour of the presentation and just read the Exec Sum. They've heard me speak.

  6. Well, if all they read is the Exec. Sum, that's all you need to give them. Even in point form.

    That was easy. Even a bear could do that.


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