Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wallpaper for my kids' computers

My kids say they miss me. So, my children, if you download this picture and set it as wallpaper, you can be reminded of me all day long. I have it on my 22" screen and it makes Tanya crazy but she does say she sees a family resemblance.


  1. It actually does look like it has the Hingston long face and wide nose.

    I do miss you, Daddy-o. Lots. Give my love to Tanya, too.

  2. Great picture of you, Blog Fodder! Recognized you immediately.

    BTW, was this your official government photo from your days in livestock?

  3. I am not sure which picture is better, this one or the passport picture. But who am I to talk. Either one would be an improvement for me.

  4. I'd go with the donkey. It has a friendly intelligent face. The passport photo on the other hand...

  5. I like the donkey it's definitely you. You should use it as an avatar. Mutch better than that first photo.


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